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-880,01,2880,92,923 rate reduced-12Mar
-itel for DU, UAE-
-008801 rate increased. 92,923 rate reduced, 2880 bd new-2Mar
-01 rate increased for quality-14feb, 008801 rate increased-9feb14
-M Dialer Platinum---
*itelv2.2 Windows Mobile,Lumia-
*Sansumg,Android@google play, itelv2.18.2 -http://moittry.com/mdialeritel/-(utel)V1.0-http://moittry.com/utelall/
*Nokia itelv2.2-
*Nokia itelv2.18.2-
*Nokia itelv2.18-
*Nokia itelv2.14-
*Nokia itelv2.11-
*Sansumg,Android itelv2.18.2-
*Nokia utelv1.01-
*Nokia utelv1.0-
*Samsung, Android utelv1.0-
-M Dialer itel Code-24576 Nokia All-
-M Dialer utel code-83273 Nokia All-
-Cool Dialer Code 888-
-Billing IP-
-Download and information