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-92,923,9234 rate reduced-25Mar
-8801,01,008801 rate increased-22Mar
-0092 reduced again-3mar,91 rate increased-2Mar15
-M Dialer Platinum(Itel)
-Nokia-install v2.27 and install v2.182
-Samsung,Android-Install v3.1 or PlayStore
-M Dialer Platinum(Utel)
-Nokiainstall v1.1 and install v1.0
-Samsung, Android-Install v1.1 or PlayStore
-Other Link for All
-itel express v2.27-
-M Dialer itel Code All-24576-express,platinum,play,windows
-M Dialer utel All-platinum,@playStore
-M Dialer (cool) code-888- install
-Download and information